Instagram adds new music creation and collaborative tools

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has introduced new ways for users to share content with friends and interact with creators on Instagram through music, photos, and reels.

Photo Carousels with Music

Instagram now allows users to add music to their photo carousels, enhancing the storytelling experience. This feature builds on the earlier introduction of music for feed photos and enables users to express emotions and elevate their carousels.

Collaborative Creations with Friends

Another noteworthy addition is the introduction of collaborative opportunities on Instagram. By introducing Collaborations, users can now invite up to three friends to collaboratively author feed posts, carousels, or reels.

Once the invitation is accepted, the resulting content will be shared with the combined audiences of all collaborators, finding a place on each participant’s profile grid.

This collaborative feature extends to both private and public accounts, promoting inclusivity. Private account holders can initiate collaborative posts or reels by inviting collaborators who follow them.

Engaging with Creators and Artists

Instagram has also introduced the “Add Yours” sticker feature to encourage interaction with creators and artists. This feature empowers creators to invite their followers to participate in entertaining prompts or challenges through Reels.

From the pool of submissions, creators can handpick their favorite entries, celebrating the creativity of their fanbase. The “Add Yours” prompts offer an opportunity for anyone to craft their own rendition of a prompt and potentially gain recognition from the original creator.

If a creator selects a user’s reel as a favorite, the user will receive a notification. Public accounts will enable others on Instagram to view these submissions by tapping on the “Add Yours” sticker.

Expanding the Musical Horizon on Instagram

Looking ahead, Instagram is set to expand its musical offerings. Over the upcoming weeks, the platform plans to introduce its music library to more countries, allowing a broader audience to engage with music-enhanced content.

Moreover, Instagram has joined forces with Spotify in Mexico and Brazil to introduce a Reels Music Chart featuring 50 of the most popular songs from Instagram Reels.

Announcing the updates, Meta posted:

We are constantly striving to enhance your experience on Instagram. Our goal is to continue developing features that make creating and sharing on Instagram easier and more enjoyable.