7 Ring Hands-on Review: India’s first contactless payment ring

At FoneArena we are constantly on the look out for innovative new products to try and we recently came across 7 Ring from a Mumbai based company. If you are someone who always forgets your wallet at home, this ring from 7 Ring will blow your mind. No Bluetooth pairing or charging required. Just wear it on your finger and tap and pay like you would use your contactless card.

I placed the order on their website and after a few hours, I got a call from their team to provide my ring size as the ring is available in multiple sizes and customized based on your ring size.  I supplied my ring size and the product arrived in a couple of days.

The packaging is simple and neat, and the box reminded me of the Apple AirPods packaging. Inside the box, you get some paperwork including a User Guide and stickes. The ring sits nicely at the center on a cork ring older.

In terms of the design, the ring is carefully milled from high-quality aerospace-grade Zirconia Ceramic (ZrO2), known for its exceptional scratch resistance. The exterior boasts a diamond glaze, providing an elegant glossy finish. On the inside, a band of hypoallergenic resin is added for comfort.

You would need to download the Seven App from the Google Play Store on Android or App Store on iOS in order to activate the ring and set up a prepaid wallet. The wallet is not linked to your bank account, and you would need to add funds using UPI or cards. The ring is not paired in any way to your phone. There is no Bluetooth module or battery inside the ring. Thankfully, you don’t have to charge yet another gadget.  Just follow the steps within the App, load some money to your wallet, and your Ring should be ready for use for your next payment.  You don’t need the app for making the payment.

Just hold your fist near the payment/POS machine after the merchant has initiated the payment. The payment is done within a second, and you would receive an SMS about your wallet being deducted.

The thrill of contactless payments has always captivated my interest. Having extensively used Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay, the sheer convenience of swiftly completing a transaction never fails to impress me.The Seven Ring got me excited about this space again. Operating on NFC technology, it stands out by offering an independent payment experience, eliminating the need to carry your phone while making transactions.

The product is designed and Made in India by Sevenring Innovations Private Limited, based in Mumbai. The RuPay card embedded inside the ring is issued by LivQuick Technology.

The tech is not something which is revolutionary or ground-breaking, but the level of convenience is a game-changer. Having used the Seven ring for several weeks now, I can confidently say it’s more than just a stylish accessory – it’s a seamless and convenient way to make transactions without the hassle of carrying a wallet or relying on UPI.

Price and Availability

The Seven Ring is priced at INR 7000 which includes a Rs.277 cashback and 1-year warranty.  But as a special limited time offer, you can get one for 4777 with our special invite code. Use the exclusive invite code : FONEARENA to order the ring at a discounted price of INR 4777 seven.ooo

Author: Varun Krish

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