Worldwide Tablet shipments fall 29.9% YoY in Q2 2023: IDC

The International Data Corporation (IDC), a data research organization, has issued the worldwide tablet and Chromebook shipments report for the second quarter (Q2) of 2023. According to IDC, global tablet shipments reached 28.3 million units, a 29.9 percent year-over-year (YoY) decrease, while Chromebooks continued to slide, with shipments decreasing 1.8 percent YoY to 5.8 million units in Q2 2023.

Worldwide Tablet Shipments in Q2, 2023:

Demand for tablets continued to be weak in the quarter, as consumers remained cautious about spending due to rising inflation and economic uncertainty. Additionally, the ongoing chip shortage and supply chain disruptions limited the availability of tablets, further contributing to the decline in shipments.

Despite the overall decline in the market, Apple once again led the tablet market with shipments of 10.5 million units, or 37.0% market share. This represents a YoY decline of 16.8% but is still significantly higher than the shipments of any other vendor.

Samsung ranked second with shipments of 5.8 million units, or 20.6% market share. The company’s shipments declined by 18.3% YoY. Lenovo moved up to the third position with shipments of 2.1 million units, or 7.6% market share. The company’s shipments declined by 38.8% year over year.

Chinese vendors HUAWEI and Xiaomi rounded out the top five. Huawei shipped 1.7 million units, or 5.9% market share, while Xiaomi shipped 1.0 million units, or 3.6% market share. Both companies saw their shipments decline by more than 20% YoY.

Worldwide Chromebook Shipments in Q2 2023:

Chromebook shipments also declined in Q2 2023, but by a smaller margin than tablets. Shipments totaled 5.8 million units, down just 1.8% YoY. This was the first quarter of YoY growth for the Chromebook market since the first quarter of 2020.

HP led the Chromebook market with shipments of 0.9 million units, or 15.6% market share. The company’s shipments grew by 69.2% YoY. Lenovo was in second place with shipments of 1.3 million units, or 21.7% market share. The company’s shipments grew by 3.1% YoY. Dell Technologies ranked third with shipments of 1.5 million units, or 25.6% market share. The company’s shipments declined by 14.9% YoY.

The decline in tablet shipments is likely to continue in the coming quarters, as consumers remain cautious about spending and the supply chain disruptions continue. However, the Chromebook market is expected to remain relatively stable, as the devices continue to be popular for education and enterprise use.

Regarding this, Anuroopa Nataraj, senior research analyst with IDC’s Mobility and Consumer Device Trackers said,

The economic market conditions in the past years made way for several tablet deployments. Products that have more features but are also economically priced are well accepted, especially in the emerging markets as they bring in high value to consumers. This is where several new players have pitched in and as a result the emerging markets have had a relatively better growth rate than the mature markets.