Samsung Galaxy Ring wearable reportedly in works

Samsung is working on the development of its latest wearable device, the ‘Galaxy Ring,’ a smart ring equipped with advanced health monitoring capabilities, according to a report from The Elec from South Korea. The firm has already trademarked ‘Galaxy Ring’ earlier this March. The company is collaborating with Japan’s Meiko for the development of key components.

The Galaxy Ring is expected to offer improved body information measurement accuracy compared to the popular Galaxy Watch. However, it is yet to be confirmed when and if the Galaxy Ring will enter mass production.

The smart ring, designed to be worn like a ring, will feature various sensors to collect body and health information. Users can access this data through a smartphone app for monitoring purposes.

While the Galaxy Ring’s development is ongoing, the timing for mass production remains uncertain. Samsung may proceed with preliminary development in collaboration with Meiko, leading to a prototype of the Galaxy Ring. Based on its scalability and user response, the company will then decide whether to mass-produce the smart ring.

The Galaxy Ring is expected to outperform smartwatches in terms of data accuracy, especially for sleep and health-related information. Its snug fit on the finger is likely to reduce measurement errors compared to loosely worn smartwatches.

Additionally, Samsung Electronics is also reportedly applying for a smart ring patent that works with extended reality (XR) devices, indicating the company’s commitment to exploring innovative technologies.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics reportedly postponed initial production of XR headsets from year-end to around June next year due to Apple Vision Pro’s superior OLED on Silicon display specifications.