Sony Ericsson Xperia Duo leaked again

We recently showed you first shot of Sony Ericsson Duo which is an upcoming device from Sony Ericsson. Dual-core smartphones are becoming a trend nowadays and Sony Ericsson recently launched Xperia Arc but unfortunately it’s not dual-core but it looks like Duo will be Sony’s first ever dual-core device. As the name also suggests, Duo literal meaning is two things in close association, so it gives us a hint that it will be dual core. The design is just like Arc with a slightly bigger display and now another blurry shot of Xperia Duo is leaked and this is again a promo photo. This time the device is alongside with Xperia Arc. As we can see in the image, the device is almost equal to Arc in size but its display is slightly bigger and it’s edge-to-edge which makes it sexier. If you observe the back side of the device, then you can see that the backside is curved like the Xperia Arc.

That’s all we currently know about this device and it’s also possible that it will come with features like a powerful camera like in the Arc and a better display. So anyone looking forward to this amazing looking device?