Apple leads the way on climate action with new Earth Day initiatives

Apple has revealed significant achievements in environmental efforts ahead of Earth Day. The company encourages customers to join the celebration by learning more about climate change and taking action with Apple.

Apple has set a new target earlier this month to accelerate its use of recycled materials in its products, with a 2025 deadline to make all Apple-designed batteries from 100 percent recycled cobalt.

Apple announces progress towards Carbon Neutrality by 2030

Apple has announced that it is making progress towards its goal of achieving carbon neutrality for every product by 2030. In anticipation of Earth Day, Apple has shared a new framework for sharing the reduced climate impact of its latest models of iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, and Apple Watch. Additionally, the company has partnered with several organizations to advance innovative climate solutions and engage communities around the world.

Product progress reports highlight reduced climate impact

Apple has released updated Product Environment Reports for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, iPad (10th generation), MacBook Air featuring the M2 chip, and Apple Watch Series 8.

In these reports, the company has carried out detailed assessments to ascertain the proportion of production that relies on clean energy for each of these products, and how the increased usage of recycled materials is reducing the carbon footprint of each device.

Apple’s suppliers source renewable energy for over 25 percent of the electricity used to manufacture iPhone 14.

For instance, Apple has lowered the emissions of MacBook Air with M2 by 38 percent. This remarkable reduction was mainly driven by the use of 40 percent total recycled and renewable content in the device.

Partnerships for Innovating Climate Solutions and Engaging Communities

Apple has partnered with several organizations to advance climate solutions and engage communities. For example, Apple will work with Conservation International to support leadership in Afro-descendant communities with economic opportunities that deliver outcomes for addressing the climate and biodiversity crises in Latin America.

Apple supports blue carbon projects in Colombia and India that serve as a model for creating alternative, sustainable economies around the preservation of mangroves. Through a new partnership with the SEE Foundation, the company is supporting the development of a certified methodology for blue carbon in China.

In addition, Apple is partnering with the Society of Entrepreneurs and Ecology Foundation to develop a certified methodology for blue carbon in China. The company has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to launch the Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) Origination Platform. This initiative aims to showcase a novel approach to expand and align public and private investments for superior quality nature-based solutions through an integrated landscape approach.

Celebrate and Take Action with Apple

To commemorate Earth Day, Apple is encouraging customers to become informed and involved with environmental initiatives and to reduce their ecological footprint. The company is providing exclusive Today at Apple programs, such as workshops where children can make unique Earth-inspired comics on an iPad with an Apple Pencil and events that highlight the benefits of recycled plastic.

Apple’s iPhone disassembly robot, Daisy, is one of many innovations advancing progress toward the company’s goal of using only recycled and renewable materials in its products.

Furthermore, Apple is launching a new Apple Trade-In webpage in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The website will calculate the worth of trade-in devices, allowing users to begin the recycling process and repurpose their products.

Apple’s Earth Day initiatives include:

  • Exclusive Today at Apple programming in stores, such as a kid’s activity where they can create comics inspired by the planet and programming that explores recycled plastic.
  • An Earth Day collection on the App Store featuring apps promoting sustainable fashion and secondhand shopping experiences.
  • Earth Day programming on Apple TV+, including the mission-driven series Jane, Big Beasts, and a Sago Mini Friends special.
  • The Apple TV app will showcase individuals and communities fighting climate change through innovative actions and offer cinematic recommendations for Earth Day.
  • Apple Music will feature exclusive nature-inspired content, including a “Mixtape for Mother Earth” takeover.
  • Apple Fitness+ will offer themed workouts and a new meditation reflecting on the planet’s resilience, and users can earn a limited-edition award on Earth Day.
  • Apple Podcasts will feature the “Revitalizing Our Home” collection with conversations and stories on the climate crisis.
  • Apple Books will feature books and audiobooks that explore environmental issues, and a collection curated by author Leah Thomas.
  • Apple Maps will introduce new guides curated by Tinybeans to discover sustainable shops and learn more about the zero-waste shopping movement, and showcase the Smithsonian Institution’s work in preserving biological heritage.

Commenting on the announcement, Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives, said:

We are on the verge of realizing our vision of Apple 2030 — our bold goal to make every product carbon neutral by 2030 — and we are delighted to share the amazing progress with our customers this Earth Day. Our customers can enjoy their Apple devices knowing they are made with the environment in mind — that means more renewable energy, more industry-leading durability, even greater efficiency, and more recycled and low-carbon materials than ever before.