ASUS EeePad Slider and 3G Transformer hitting UK in August

Earlier this year at CES 2011, ASUS officially announced the ASUS EeePad Transformer and EeePad Slider. Both are Android tablets and feature some amazing specs. EeePad Transformer is already available in several countries, and when it was launched by BestBuy in USA, it was sold out with-in few hours. Now ASUS has officially announced via their Facebook account that ASUS EeePad Slider is coming to UK in August as well as 3G version of EeePad Transformer is also coming in August. Well, ASUS didn’t tell us when these upcoming models are hitting USA, but we can expect it sometime around August or September.

EeePad Slider looks like an amazing tablet, and the design is also really cool. EeePad Transformer is selling like hotcakes in USA and other parts of the world, and people would love to get their hands on 3G version of it. No words on the price of both tablets, but what my guess is that EeePad Slider will cost a little more than EeePad Transformer, and the 3G version of EeePad Transformer will be on top of the line. It’s possible that EeePad Slider will feature Intel Atom processor instead of Tegra 2.

So people in UK, are you planning to get one of these in August, anyone?