Microsoft Translator app for iOS gets a redesign

Microsoft has announced a redesign of the Microsoft Translator app for Apple devices, with the goal of making it easier to use and providing users with advanced AI technologies.

The new user interface is accessible, intuitive, and user-friendly. Microsoft Translator recently added support for Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, and Kannada languages.

Easy Translation with Rollover History

Microsoft Translator app offers an intuitive interface on top of the upgraded Azure Cognitive Services, providing real-time translations in more than 100 languages. Users can translate text, speech, and images without having to switch languages.

Simply select the languages for translation and the app will display the available modes, such as speech, image, and text. As you go along, you can view the translation history on the same page.

Continuous Language Identification (LID)

Microsoft has announced an enhanced speech translation experience with their new AI technology, Continuous Language Identification (LID). This new feature allows for natural and continuous conversations without the need to select source and target audio languages, or tap the microphone for each speaker. A microphone with stars icon will appear if both selected languages have continuous LID support.

Improved Image Translation Experience

Microsoft announced that they upgraded from an offline Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to an online OCR powered by Azure Cognitive Services. This improved experience delivers better quality image translation with a wider range of language support.

Multi-Device Conversation Made Easy

Have long conversations with someone or a group who doesn’t speak your language? The Conversation feature located in the top-right corner of the app transcribes and translates multiple users within a group. Plus, access transcripts and use meeting topics to navigate within a transcript.

No Language Barriers

Support for over 100 languages makes it easy to communicate with anyone, no matter the language.


The redesigned Microsoft Translator app for iOS is now available for users to update/download from the App store. Microsoft also announced that a similar redesigned experience for Android will be released soon.