realme GT3 box surfaces revealing 240W fast charging

realme is soon expected to refresh its GT series with the announcement of the GT3. According to an image surfaced from @OnLeaks, the realme GT3 will be equipped with the company’s latest charging technology. The box image depicts the premium GT3 package, which has “240W” written on the side.

The realme GT3 is expected to feature the 240W SuperVOOC protocol, which was announced last month. The upcoming realme GT Neo5, which will be released on February 9th in China, will be the first phone to include this charging technology.

The use of 240W fast charging technology on the GT3 would be a significant improvement over its predecessor, the GT 2, which had a charging speed of only 65W. However, we anticipate that the GT3 will be available in 150W and 240W charging models, similar to the GT Neo5.

realme’s new charging solution employs a 240W dual GaN mini charging adapter to achieve the industry’s highest power density of 2.34W / CC. It utilizes a three-way 100W charge pump parallel design, a 20V 12A input, and a 10V 24A output, with a charging conversion efficiency of 98.5%.

Furthermore, the effective health of the battery is over 80% after 1,600, 0-100% full charging cycles with realme 240W fast charging, according to the company.

We should get more details about this upcoming realme GT3 smartphone in the coming weeks.