Nothing Ear (2) with personalised ANC, dual connectivity surfaces

Along with the release of Nothing Phone (2) later this year, the company is expected to announce the next iteration of Ear (1) TWS. The company’s first product, the Nothing Ear (1), was a success, and images of the upcoming Nothing Ear (2) have now surfaced online. The TWS surfaces were revealed, thanks to famous leaker Steve (@Onleaks).

The Nothing Ear (2) does not differ significantly from its predecessor in terms of design. It’s similar to the older transparent design, with minor differences in where the noise-cancelling microphones are placed.

The noise-cancelling microphones have been placed at the stem rather than the top of the buds. We can also see some minor changes in visible internal design elements.

Nothing Ear (1) vs Ear (2)

In terms of technical advancements, the Nothing Ear (2) has a new “personalized” ANC mode that should allow users to customize the level of noise cancellation they want. This new ANC mode will be available alongside the existing Light and Maximum modes on Ear (1). Like its predecessor, there will be a transparency mode too.

The Nothing Ear (2) will also have dual or multipoint connectivity, allowing you to connect the earbuds to two devices at the same time and switch between them. This was absent from Ear (1) but was included in the Ear (stick). Nothing is expected to add support for Advanced EQ with custom settings and the Find Earbuds feature.

More information about the Ear (2) and its launch should be available in the coming months.