Motorola rollable smartphone, Lenovo rollable PC concept showcased

Motorola will soon introduce a ground-breaking technology to the mobile market. In a brief video demonstration at parent firm Lenovo’s Tech World 2022 event, it showcased a Motorola rollable smartphone and a rollable Lenovo laptop concept. In the phone, the screen expands and contracts as a button is pressed, and a moving wallpaper moves along with it.

Motorola Rollable Smartphone concept

Only the front of the phone is visible in the video demonstration, and it appears that the screen wraps around the device, rolling up from the bottom edge. This concept appears to be functioning, at least in terms of prototypes, as there are icons on the screen for battery and cellular indicators. The flexible OLED screen used for the rolling display has a maximum extension of 6.5 inches and a minimum reduction of a little over 4 inches.

Unfortunately, Motorola has not yet offered any other information about it. It’s uncertain when it will be available on the market. Because if the company is successful in introducing this phone to the market, it will be the first of its kind. Over the past few years, other firms, including OPPO and TCL, have teased a variety of flexible products. And to our recollection, the rollable design from LG may have been the most practical.

Lenovo’s Rollable Laptop

Lenovo’s rollable PC is another intriguing innovation that the company demonstrated today. The rollable proof-of-concept PC from Lenovo has a 12.7-inch display that can be extended to a 15.3-inch screen for maximum productivity (think editing, or coding, or video editing).

The 17.9mm-thin flexible screen rolls out on command on a motor, allowing users to carry a compact package and roll out to a 4 x 3 aspect ratio screen for work or roll inward to contract.

The company elaborates on the idea, saying that one device designed to let mobile workers “switch up” their productivity at the touch of a button is Lenovo’s rollable PC.