Apple plans to make iPhone 14 in India soon: Report

According to Tuesday’s report from Bloomberg, Apple intends to begin producing the iPhone 14 in India around two months after the device is first made available in China. This comes after the news that the iPhone 14 launch event is reportedly scheduled for September 7, 2022.

According to some with knowledge of the situation, the company has been collaborating with suppliers to increase manufacturing in India and reduce the customary six to nine-month production delay for new iPhone launches. Because of problems with the US government and nationwide lockdowns put in place by Xi Jinping’s government, which have hurt the economy, Apple, which has made most of its iPhones in China in the past, is looking into other options.

According to the insiders, who declined to be named because the work is classified, Foxconn Technology Group, the main producer of iPhones, looked into the logistics of importing parts from China and constructing the iPhone 14 devices at its plant outside of Chennai in southern India

That meant considering how to uphold Apple’s strict secrecy standards. According to the people, Apple and Foxconn eventually decided that a simultaneous launch in China and India wasn’t feasible this year, but it still remains a long-term objective.

After the original release in September, they predicted that the first iPhone 14 from India would likely be finished in late October or early November. According to the report, one person suggested that the Diwali celebration, which starts on October 24, would be a lofty goal.

A US-based business is gradually increasing iPhone production in India. Foxconn (Hon Hai), Wistron, and Pegatron make their electronics in India. Three Apple partners are part of India’s mobile manufacturing incentive programme. To obtain incentives, they must make at least Rs 8,000 crore this year.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is working with suppliers to scale up iPhone production in India and reduce the customary six-to-nine-month delay. Apple’s partners began building iPhones in India in 2017, the beginning of a years-long process. India’s 1.4 billion population is a promising consumer market, and the Modi administration has granted financial incentives for IT development under the Make in India program.

According to the article by Bloomberg, which writes that,

“Even if Apple and Foxconn intended a simultaneous launch, supply-chain challenges would have stymied the goal. China, the source of many iPhone components, has gone through successive waves of lockdowns, complicating the process of shipping components through the country.”