Android 3.1 officially announced, already available for Verizon’s XOOM

Google has officially announced first major software update for their newly launched tablet OS known as Honeycomb. At Google I/O, Google introduced people to Android 3.1 which brings some new features to users, and it’s currently available for Verizon XOOM 3G tablet. The new version includes resizable home screen widgets, support for enhanced keyboard, mice and trackpads and also dedicated gaming controllers i.e. PS3 and XBOX 360 controller. It features improved multi-tasking support and less bugs and crashes. It features a new books app, video editing tool known as Movie studio and updated version of several Google apps. Well, no one knows when this update will hit other Honeycomb tablets, but Google giveaway everyone a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 at Google I/O and Google said that it will receive it in few weeks. So probably it will hit other Honeycomb tablets in few weeks, anyway let’s wait for official words from Google.

Verizon XOOM owners, are you enjoying Android 3.1 on your XOOM? Read more about it over here.