WhatsApp is working on approving new participants for groups

WhatsApp Voice Notes

Earlier this week, Meta introduced three new privacy features for WhatsApp, along with a global campaign to make people aware of how we work to keep people’s private conversations on WhatsApp safe.

And now that WhatsApp has released beta update version, it appears that the company is working on improvements to better notify group members about the method for approving their membership. The group option “approve new participants” was given the relevant info.

As you can see in the screenshot below , WhatsApp is still working on letting each group member know when the option to choose who can invite new people to the group is turned on.

It provides a clearer explanation of the function that appears in group chats. This is an additional tool for group admins to use in order to assist them in regulating their groups using the approval procedure. Additionally, there is a brand-new group setting called “Approve new members” that allows group admins to control who can join the group.

There will probably be a new section that contains all the open requests for group membership. In this section, group administrators can also accept or reject requests that come in for the purpose of secure moderation. However, the feature is still in the development stage and there’s no timeline on when the feature will be rolled out to users.

In recent times, WhatsApp has been working on a host of new features such as login approval, Avatars, Hide online status, and even now allows users to delete a message after 2 days and also gives an admin delete option as well.

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