T-Mobile officially announces BlackBerry Bold 9900 4G, coming out later this year

Today, BlackBerry officially announced their new flagship device which is known as BlackBerry Bold 9900. The device looks just amazing and beautiful, and this device will attract a lot of BlackBerry owners, and also people who left BlackBerry for other operating systems. Bold 9900 is a great device and it’s the slimmest BlackBerry yet. If you are thinking that T-Mobile USA only love Android, then you are thinking wrong. T-Mobile is the first mobile carrier to announce the BlackBerry Bold 9900 officially, and they will be launching this device later this year in USA. T-Mobile Bold 9900 will come with HSPA+ support, which means users will be able to use T-Mobile HSPA+ high speed network. Overall, all the specs are same, maybe it will come with some T-Mobile apps.

I think that the device will also hit other US mobile networks, especially Verizon Wireless. So BlackBerry lovers at T-Mobile, watch out because the new BlackBerry King is about to hit your favourite carrier. Anyone getting it later this year? Don’t forget to check out our hands-on photos and video of the Bold 9900.