Google to bring Meet features to Duo; will merge the two apps later in 2022

2 years ago, we reported that Google was looking to replace the Google Duo app with their work-focused Google Meet app. The company has now confirmed the same, where later in the year Google Meet will replace Google Duo. In the meantime, Google Duo will be updated with all the features that are present in Google Meet over the next few weeks.

Google Duo has received many updates over the years such as group calls for up to 32 people, and video calling on tablets, foldables, smart devices, and TVs. It was considered as the default video-calling app for Android devices. Google Meet on the other hand also been receiving feature updates such as virtual backgrounds and effects, live captions and more.

Offering two video-conferencing applications didn’t make much sense to Google, hence they have decided to finally merge the two services. Over the next few weeks, Google will be adding all the Google Meet features to the Duo app. This will allow users to schedule a video meeting at a time that works for everyone, or simply video call instantly with a person or group. Along with this, Google Duo will also soon support live sharing content, real-time closed captions, Gmail and Google Calendar integrations and more.

Later in the year, Google will name “Duo” to “Meet”, and simply merge the two services. The merge is expected to happen smoothly, and become Google’s single video communications service.