BGMI Power Play Event announced: All you need to know

In honour of the 2022 Indian Premier League, Krafton has decided to give its players a free, permanent cricket jersey through the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Power Play Event. During the event, BGMI users will be able to receive permanent rewards such as a cricket jersey, a fluffy rabbit headgear, coupon scraps for classic items as well as supply crates, RP credits, and much more.

BGMI Power Play Event: Highlights

In order to receive the exclusive suit, including in perks, players must collect “Cricket Bats,” a special in-game resource that can be obtained by completing challenges. “Keep Swimming” and “Power Play Battle” are the two obstacles necessary to win “Cricket Bats.”

Completing the prescribed obstacles in these activities will grant players cricket bats, which can be traded for a variety of gifts, including the Cricket Jersey, the Fluffy Rabbit Set, and more. Once players have accumulated enough “Bats” to collect the cricket jersey, they can do so via the BGMI Power Play tab within the game.

  • Keep Swimming: Swim 30 Metres in Classic Mode Every Day (1 Bat)
  • Keep Swimming: Swim 10 Metres in Classic Mode Every Day (1 Bat)
  • Play Classic Mode in Power Play Battle-25 Times (50 Bats)
  • Play Classic Mode in Power Play Battle-15 Times (30 Bats)
  • Play Classic Mode in Power Play Battle-5 Times (10 Bats)
  • Supply Crate Coupon Scrap 5 Bats
  • 1 Classic Crate Coupon Scrap – 10 Bats
  • 50 RP – 20 Bats
  • Fluffy Rabit Set of 100 Bats
  • Cricket Jersey – 100 Bats

The completion of these challenges will provide players with adequate bats to claim the aforementioned prizes. The BGMI Power Play Event will end on May 25, so bats can only be claimed till then.