Twitter Blue introduces Labs feature with two new experimental features

A couple of months ago, Twitter introduced their subscription service called Twitter Blue that offered a selection of premium features. Subscribers can now access two new features – pinned conversations on iOS and longer video uploads on the desktop client.

The two new features will be accessible via the new Labs feature that is exclusive to Twitter Blue subscribers. Twitter plans to use Labs as a way to provide early access to new features that the company is working on to their subscribers.

To start with, Twitter is trying out two new features:

  • Pinned Conversations on iOS – The feature will let subscribers pin their favourite DMs to the top with a simple right swipe gesture on the chat.
  • Longer video uploads from the desktop – On the desktop client, subscribers can now upload and tweet up to 10-minute long videos.

Twitter is rolling out Labs to subscribers in Canada and Australia, and will later roll out to more countries.