Google Meet will now support up to 25 co-hosts per meeting, adds “Quick access” setting and more

Google is introducing a couple of new updates to their video conferencing platform, Google Meet, that will improve upon many meeting moderation controls. Meeting host privileges can now be shared with up to 25 other participants, quick access control will be on by default, and the “People” panel in meetings have received a couple of minor updates.

Along with increase in supported number of meeting hosts to up to 25, Google also added new controls for meeting hosts. They can now:

  • Limit who can share their screen,
  • Limit who can send chat messages,
  • Mute all with one click,
  • End the meeting for all,
  • Control who can join the meeting and how they can join with the “Quick access” setting

The quick access control will be turned on by default, which will allow meeting participants from your domain can automatically join the meeting from a mobile or desktop device, and by dialing in.

The “People” panel in Google Meet now has a ‘Search’ feature that will allow hosts to quickly navigate to a specific user to mute them, kick them, or assign host privileges.

These updates will be rolling out to Google Meet on web and Android starting from August 16th, while Google Meet on iOS will be receiving these updates starting from August 30th.