realme commits $300 million into R&D for 5G technology and products

realme, one of India’s major smartphone manufacturers, has announced their commitment to adopting 5G technology across their portfolio of products. In an open letter, the company’s CEO, Sky Li, revealed that over the next two year, 70% of the products offered by realme will adopt 5G technology and realme will also be dedicating a significant amount of R&D resources to help speed up the adoption.

With this commitment, realme aims to become a “popularizer of 5G”, targeting their primary markets in India, Southeast Asia and Europe. The company will be setting up seven dedicated 5G R&D teams across the globe, and will dedicate 90% of its R&D resources and $300 million for it.

The company also revealed plans to open over 10 5G pop-up stores that will showcase the various benefits of 5G technology in cloud gaming and ultra HD live broadcasts with AR.

In the letter about their commitment, Sky Li said:

Our need to communicate and connect with each other via technology during the pandemic has further accelerated the development of 5G technology. For young people, especially, a smart, seamless and interconnected lifestyle enabled by 5G is what they are yearning for. As a company dedicated to providing the younger generation with trendy tech products, realme believes that helping to accelerate the adoption of 5G is a crucial goal of ours and we are proud to be part of the growing 5G scene. In the 5G era, we will continue to challenge the status quo and explore new possibilities, all the while aiming for a brighter future that encompasses 5G tech.