Government of India opens up geospatial mapping restrictions for Indian companies

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In a move that will receive positively among companies in India, the Ministry of Science & Technology has announced that they will be freeing up restrictions for geospatial mapping in the country. Indian companies will now have access to mapping data and technologies that have greater depth, resolution and precision.

Previously, companies were required to go through an extensive process of pre-approvals and permissions to receive a licence. These hurdles would often discourage smaller companies and businesses from investing in various mapping technologies.

With the restrictions removed, the Government of India is allowing Indian companies to collect, generate, prepare, disseminate, store, publish, update digital Geospatial Data and Maps within the territory of India.

In recent times, mapping technologies such as LIDAR, RADAR, satellite-based mapping, aerial vehicle mapping, etc. have advanced quite a bit, and it can offer a lot of value to eCommerce, delivery, logistics and urban transportation industries. This policy change should positively affect these industries and help promote growth.

In their release, the Ministry of Science & Technology stated,

With the next generation of mapping technology just about coming into its own around the world, this policy will enable Indian innovators to create substantial advances in mapping ultimately making our lives easier and empowering small businesses. We look forward to India emerging as a mapping power, creating next generation indigenous maps of India and taking these new technologies to the rest of the world.