Stuffcool launches range of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro cases

Stuffcool, one of India’s largest tech accessory brand, has announced a whole range of cases for the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro. These cases have been launched under 3 brands, including 3 Stuffcool cases, 5 Case-Mates cases and 2 Pelican cases.

Under the Stuffcool brand, the three cases are the Ice Case, the Spike Case and Silo Case. The first two cases are hybrid solid cases with a raised lip protection, where the Ice case has a transparent back while the Spike case has diamond design in 3 colour choices. The third case is called the Silo Case and it features a special rubber-coating for impact resistance, closed knob buttons, open ports, microfiber lining and flexible wrap-around design. The Ice Case and the Spike Case will be priced at Rs. 799 and the Silo Case will be priced at Rs. 1,099

The second brand Case-Mate has 5 new cases. Starting with the Twinkle Ombré, it has a glittery liquid-filled chamber in the rear with MicroPel Antimicrobial Protection technology and supports wireless charging . The Tough Groove has an aurora-tinged tactile rear surface and comes with 10ft drop protection for your iPhone.

The Barely There is just 2mm thick with crystal clear scratch-resistant material and the Tough clear case is a slightly thicker variant made with a crystal clear one-piece design. The Rifle Paper case features iconic illustrations reproduced on the scratch-resistant transparent cases/  The price for the Twinkle Ombré, Tough Groove, Barely There, Tough clear and Rifle Paperl case are Rs. 1,695, Rs. 1,695, Rs. 1,295, Rs. 1,695 and Rs. 2,495 respectively.

The Pelican Rogue is a made out of tough material that tear, pierce and scratch resistant, dispersing shock within the case itself instead of the iPhone. The Ranger is designed for backpackers with its Force Impact Technology, dual-layer protection and a 15ft drop protection promise. The Rogue case will be priced at Rs. 1895 and the Ranger case will be priced at Rs. 2395.

All of the above cases will be available for purchase on, Amazon and Flipkart.