Google introduces People Cards virtual visiting card in India

With Google’s Knowledge Graph and Google Search cards, it is quite easy to find information about famous individuals. However, that is not the case with less famous people and to change that Google has created the ability for people to individually create their online presence with their own virtual visiting card, called People Cards.

To create your own people card, sign in and search for your name or type “add me to Search” in the Search box, and tap the prompt that appears. You’ll be asked to add your from your Google account along with a description and links to your other websites and social media profiles. You can also decide to include a phone number and email.

Only one card is allowed per account and Google has also added the ability to delete your personal card if you wish to do so. People Cards is highly useful for individuals like influencers, entrepreneurs, prospective employees, self-employed individuals, freelancers, etc. People Cards is rolling out today to mobile Search users in India.