Telegram v6.1.0 brings improved quizzes, sticker directory and more; crosses 400 million monthly users


Telegram, an instant messaging service, has announced that they have crossed 400 million active users, growing from the 300 million they had last year. They released an update too, that brought small improvements to quizzes, a sticker directory, a new attachment menu for android devices and more. They even announced a competition for Creators of Educational Tests with a prize pool of  €400K.

A quiz mode was introduced into Telegram in the version 5.14 update back in January. Telegram has now improved it now, giving the quiz creator the ability to add explanations that appear on top once the user answers the quiz, providing them with more context for the answer. There is also a new countdown animation for users to see how much time is left.

Telegram boasts an impressive a library of 20000 stickers that are available to its users. However searching for them might be tedious, so Telegram made a sticker directory that contains all the stickers from the last 5 years. Telegram has also added bullseye animated emoji that works similar to the animated dice that was released in the last update.

Android Telegram users will be getting a new Attachment menu in chat where all the sections show at once and users of the macOS Telegram client will have access to the Shared Media folder straight from the redesigned profile pages.

In its 400 million celebration blog post, Telegram noted that there has been a spike in the need for a fast and secure group video chatting service as the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic. Telegram is one of the few instant messaging services that doesn’t support video chatting of any kind, but that might change soon. Telegram has promised to bring its users secure group video calls in 2020 finally.

You can install the Telegram 6.1.0 here from the Play Store and the App Store. Check out the complete change log for the update here.