HUAWEI Sound X speaker with 360-degree sound, dual-subwoofers announced in partnership with Devialet

HUAWEI has partnered with luxury speaker maker Devialet, the creators of the ultra expensive Devialet Phantom and Phantom Reactor, to launch their new speaker, HUAWEI Sound X. It features advanced technologies like Speaker Active Matching, Hi-Res certification, Huawei Share and more.

The design is similar to Apple’s HomePod with a tubular design, housing six tweeters and dual subwoofers that can produce sound in 360°. In-built is Devialet’s impressive °Speaker Active Matching technology which configures the speaker specifically to its characteristic. The bass can go as low as 40Hz and go up to a peak-to-peak amplitude of up to 20mm.

HUAWEI has integrated Devialet’s Push-Push Acoustic Design, which uses the symmetrical dual subwoofers to cancel out vibrations of the other, suppressing distortion at any volume and achieving up to SPL 93dB of clear, nuanced sound, at up to 144 watts of power. The 6 powerful tweeters use HUAWEI Sound algorithm to produce surround sound that can generate frequencies up to 40Khz.

Other technologies in the Sound X include Hi-Res certification and HUAWEI share, with which audio can instantly play music on the speaker with a tap. On the top is a colourful ring along with laser carved touch sensitive buttons that can be used to control the audio.

No information on pricing and date of sale yet, however we can be sure this will cost a premium considering its Devialet partnership.