Google Nexus S with white panel leaked

White iPhone 4 is for sure a dream phone for Apple fans, and they are still waiting for it. And for Android fans, Google and Samsung recently launched the Google Nexus S, which is for sure one of the best Android devices available in the market at the moment. You may have seen the Nexus S, and it’s in black color, but what about a Google Nexus S with some white beauty? Yes folks, you heard it right. Our friends over at BestBoyz have leaked some shots of the White Nexus S. It’s not all white like the White iPhone 4, only the back cover is in white, just like the iPhone 3GS.

They are saying that the phone will be launched in Germany soon, but that doesn’t mean that the phone is exclusive to Germany only. I hope the device will be launched in the other parts of the world soon. So folks, what do you think about the White Nexus S.? Is it better than White iPhone 4?