Valentines Day Contest Winners

If you remember well , we conducted a valentines day contest

We are announcing the winners of the contest today .

Sorry for the delay , mainly caused by so many entries and new handset launches @MWC 2009

We eliminated the entries and picked the lucky winners using a random number generator.

Some of ur comments were over 160 Characters and we could not consider them

Here are the winners !



my doctor said i am dying and the only way i can live is having the medicine “you”. so marry me


Wil u pls giv me a bandaid coz i scraped ma knee ven i fell in luv wid u luv u darling

So the winners take home Mobile Accessories and a FoneArena T-Shirt

Congrats to Surabhi and Tegbir and If you are disappointed that you did not win .. dun worry .. lots more action coming up on FoneArena. We are bring a Mobile PhotoGraphy Contest soon. so stay tuned

Author: Varun Krish

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