Twitter rolls out ‘Lights out’ AMOLED-friendly true-black dark mode

As per the latest news, Twitter is expanding its dark mode options for iOS users by adding a “Lights Out” option as well as an automatic dark mode. There is an optional setting that makes the current dark mode more of a pitch black.

In order to make use of the new feature, users need to head on to Twitter app’s “Settings and Privacy” section, then click on “Display and Sound.” From there, you can toggle on the “Dark Mode,” which enables the current blue-black theme.

Twitter previously called its dark theme “Night mode” which will now be named “Dark mode.” New icons are also arriving with today’s changes.

Dim: Dim is the current Dark Mode theme that we introduced in 2016 — a blue/grey color that still gives people a more comfortable way to enjoy Twitter for any environment you’re in and helps reduce eye strain in low lit environments.

Lights Out: Our new theme for Dark Mode, which is a pure black color palette that emits no light since the pixels are turned off. This is a great option for those who want an even darker theme for low lit environments that reduces eye strain, and can potentially help with saving battery.

Automatic Dark Mode: iOS finally gets Automatic dark mode lets users switch from light to the dark mode theme of their choice according to their timezone. This feature takes the burden off of people to make the adjustments. If you’re using Twitter all day long, it’s better on the eyes to have a tool that adjusts for the varying environments, contexts, and atmospheres you’ll experience throughout the day.

These updates are rolling out now for iOS, and the ‘Lights out’ mode is expected to arrive for Android users soon.