Philips Tapster

Philips Tapster

The name should reveal it all. Though Philips is not very prominent in the Indian Scenario, they are really very good in technology aspects. Philips is actually a technology leader when it comes to Audio and the Green technology. And they are also known for their exceedingly high capacity batteries and reliable low featured focussed phones. Coming to the post , as the name suggests yes and as the picture shows we are talking about Philips latest Bluetooth Headset. So what is peculiar, lot of them are being made from almost everyone including Nokia, Samsung, SE, Iqua, etc. So what is its speciality.

It features ultra sensitive touch and tap controls, which allows you to answer calls, and change the volume, and removing the device automatically transfers the call to your mobile. It’s all about having a soft touch though, as a gentle stroke of the device answers incoming calls whilst a tap changes the volume, so if you’re a little heavy handed you may find yourself accidentally being deafened or hanging up on your callers.

No word on price, but if all goes well you could be pairing these over Bluetooth 2.1+EDR A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, and HFP by the end of the year.  Add to that Ever Clear technology (a fancy way of saying sound isolating properties) and they’ve created a smart headset which should provide you with super sharp audio,

You get 7 hours of talk time, with a standby time of a whopping 150 hours.

Author: Team FoneArena

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