LG, KAIST teamup for development of 6G mobile communication technology


While the development of 5G is still underway, South Korean giant LG has taken early steps to secure core technologies for 6G mobile communication. The company teamed up with KAIST which is state science school. LG has opened a 6G research lab at the state-run Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) in the central city of Daejeon.

The South Korean mobile carriers started servicing limited 5G mobile communication in December last year to connect smart factories and other businesses which require fast network speed. Commercial service for smartphone users is set to begin in March. While the development of 5G is still on-going, 6G is still seen as an illusion and researchers at the University of Oulu estimate the future-generation mobile network can transfer terabits per second.

Park Il-pyung, LG’s chief technology officer said:

With the establishment of the 6G research center, we will strengthen the research of next-generation mobile communication technology so that we can lead global standardization and secure an opportunity to create new businesses.

Cho Dong-ho, a KAIST electrical engineering professor who will head LG’s research lab said:

It is meaningful to start the development of 6G mobile communication technology ahead of others.