Samsung Galaxy 2 to feature a Dual-Core processor

A few days ago, we saw the first shots of the Google Nexus S, which is going to be the first device to run Android 2.3, and it is manufactured by Samsung. Recently, a few documents were leaked in which we saw an unannounced Samsung Android powered device, which will be Samsung Android flagship device, and it will run Android 2.3 with TouchWiz UI. Well, we don’t know is the device real or not, but our very good friend Eldar Murtazin tweeted that “Playing with se anzo and galaxy 2 aka i9100. Se is nice but sams is so technically advanced. Dual core etc“. As Eldar is saying that both phones are nice, but Galaxy 2 is technically better than the SE Anzu, because it comes with a dual core processor.As Samsung recently announced the new dual-core processor, so it could be true. Well, I hope Eldar Murtazin will share some more information about the Galaxy 2 with us. So folks stay tuned, and tell us what do you think about a dual-core CPU on your phone ?