Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max user manual shows AirPower references

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max AirPower

Apple introduced AirPower which is its multi-device wireless charger last year, but the product never went on for sale despite rumored September launch. However, a user guide included with the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max has references about the AirPower, suggesting that Apple has not yet shelved the much-anticipated charging mat. 

The user guide included with the iPhone XS and XS Max clearly shows a passage mentioning the AirPower. It reads: “Place iPhone with the screen facing up on AirPower or a Qi-certified wireless charger. You can also use the Lightning connector to charge iPhone and connect accessories.” It is unclear why Apple mentioned AirPower in the manual, it perhaps suggests that the company might have had plans to ship the charging accessory alongside the new iPhones.

Apple AirPower mat

Apple didn’t mention anything at its ‘Gather Around’ event though rumors suggested that it might. It’s been more than a year since the device was first announced. Apple wants to give users the ability to place any of their devices anywhere on the charging mat to begin a charge and the ability to charge the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at the same time.

It is reported that Apple ran into a number of issues including heat management, inter-device communication, and mechanical and interference problems. These problems need to be fixed before the company rolls out the product.  It’s not clear how or when Apple will solve these problems.

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