Phase One introduces 150-megapixel XF IQ4 Camera System with ‘Capture One Inside’

Phase One, a company specialized in high-end digital photography equipment and software has announced Phase One XF IQ4 Camera Systems, built upon the new and expandable Infinity Platform.

It has three full frame medium format camera systems, that include the IQ4 P150MP (151-megapixels), the IQ4 100MP Trichromatic (101-megapixels), and the IQ4 150MP Achromatic (151-megapixels).

With this platform, the company has moved the core of Capture One’s imaging processor into the IQ4 itself. Having said that, the image editing and processing, which was possible through Capture One software app can be controlled within the IQ4 now. The Capture One inside enables Improved preview quality, JPEG processing, IIQ Style integration, Improved live view, faster frame rate, and new tools.

In addition to it, IQ4 also delivers tethering and wireless integration, performance improvements as well. Also, users will be able to interface directly with accessories with hard drives, NAS storage, network solutions, mobile device and more. The new ports (Ethernet and USB-C) can offer the charging capabilities of the camera system or sustained power from compatible devices. It also supports both XQD and SD memory cards and can be combined with the tethering options as well.

The XF IQ4 150MP, IQ4 100MP Trichromatic, and IQ4 150MP Achromatic Camera Systems, will retail at a price of US$51,990 (Rs. 36,80,630 approx.) , US$47,990 (Rs. 33,97,450 approx.) , and US$54,990 (Rs. 38,90,840 approx.), respectively and will be available in October 2018 through Phase One Partners.