Here’s Our 3 Favourite Features on the Vivo NEX

The Vivo Nex is a hard to forget device. When we reviewed it a few days back, we went as far as to call it a milestone that will be remembered as a pivotal point in smartphone history. From the barely there bezels, the motorized slider, in-screen fingerprint reader and the top of the line internals, this is as close as you to get to a near perfect smartphone spec sheet.

All Screen Design

A key element chased in modern smartphone design is minimal bezels. From gigantic bars on all sides, we’ve evolved to the point where you have a mere sliver at best. But why? What is to be gained by this constant pursuit of complicated engineering?

Immersiveness. Getting rid of bezels leaves you with a clean canvas that brings you face to face with your media and content. On the Vivo NEX, interacting with the smartphone is an extremely pleasurable experience because of the way the icons hover on the screen. The giant 6.59” screen merely acting as a conduit between your world of media consumption, creation and more. While Xiaomi’s Mi Mix may take the credit for starting the trend, the Vivo NEX has come the closest to the final goal. Ergonomics too benefit from minimized bezel. Who’d have thought you’d be able to comfortably fit a phone with a 6.5” screen in the palm of your hand?

In Screen Fingerprint Reader

Only the second phone to ship with an in-screen fingerprint reader, the Vivo NEX makes improvements over the original Vivo X21. The entire experience has been refined to a much larger degree and is largely functional. Press down on the screen and an animation pops up displaying the fingerprint sensor working its magic.

Sure, Vivo could’ve gone for a more traditional solution at the back of the phone but given the size of the device, we’re not too sure it would’ve been able to find the perfect spot. By placing it within the screen, the NEX manages to improve access while implementing a highly futuristic solution too.

Motorized Camera

A lot has been said about the motorized camera in the Vivo NEX. In fact, in our own review, we called it one of the coolest things about the phone. Undeniably, watching the camera module slide out of the phone is like watching art in motion. Beyond looks though, the camera is instrumental in enabling many of the features we like about the Vivo NEX.

That all screen device? It simply wouldn’t be possible without the motorized camera module. By removing the camera from the top of the phone and tucking it away inside the body, Vivo removed the need for additional space at the top. There’s also a case to be made regarding privacy. As more and more instances of security breaches and apps taking control of webcams popping up, isn’t the best solution one where the camera physically can’t see you?

We’ve said it before. The Vivo NEX is one of the most futuristic smartphones available right now. With top of the line specifications and features that instead of being a gimmick, improve the actual real-world usage experience. The phone is an obvious choice for anyone who loves technology and wants to live on the bleeding edge. Priced at Rs. 44,990, the Vivo NEX is now available at