Droid X overclocked to 2 GHz, Droid 2 overclocked to mind blowing 3 GHz !

A few days ago, we show you the T-Mobile G2 overclocked at 1.42 GHz, which was impressive, but G2 is not the only powerful phone in the market. Folks over at Team DeFuse managed to overclock the Droid X and Droid 2, and they overclocked the Droid X to 2 GHz from 1 GHz, and Droid 2 to mind blowing 3 GHz from 1 GHz. Really I can’t believe that they overclocked the Droid 2 to 3 GHz. That shows that Droid 2 and Droid X are true powerhouses, but one thing is clear that overclocking will drain too much battery. Well, you shouldn’t try this at home, but if you love taking risks then go ahead. Check out the video of Droid 2 after the break:

Original Video– More videos at TinyPic