Huawei patent hints at a smartwatch designed for gaming

According to the listing on World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Huawei has received a patent for a gaming smartwatch. The application was initially filed in December 2017 and follows patents with the Chinese Intellectual Office from 2015 and 2016 for development of the technology.

The patent is titled ‘Smart wearable device and control method for the smart wearable device.’ Since this patent goes back to 2015, it looks like the company has now further developed the technology and is seeing an opportunity to implement this in an end product. The documentation is detailed and shows that the smartwatch is fully focused on gaming.

Huawei is aiming to incorporate functions in the watch band, since operating via the touchscreen has some drawbacks. However, this isn’t the first time Huawei has patented for a new smartwatch with operations where the watch band plays an important role. But it is the first that the operations are fully tuned and dedicated to gaming.

Huawei is said to be using a rectangular watch case for the illustrations, which is very much similar to the Apple Watch. The strap of the smartwatch will have a mechanical sensor and a touchscreen on both sides of the watch case. It also shows a virtual keyboard which is divided into two on the watchband. The user can scroll up and down to access all letters, numbers, and signs. It can also detect various types of movements like tab (tap), slide (slide), pull (pull), sway (swing), twist (turn), shake (shake) or press (push) movement.

The operation may vary depending on whether the user is wearing the smartwatch or whether it is on the table. These movements allow for better gaming experience during steering a car’s wheel, and the extra band can also be used for additional functions during clicking selfies, assuming the device will have a camera built-in. It also has the ability to zoom in, zoom out and select text on the fixing band. Since these are just patent listings, there’s no way to tell when the smartwatch will see the light in the day.

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