Samsung’s Foldable phone with triple OLED displays could be introduced in 2019

Samsung Foldable Phone

Smartphones with foldable displays are considered to be the next big thing to happen in the smartphone innovation. While Huawei is silently prepping its foldable smartphone, it is Samsung that always makes the news mainly because it is expected to be the first foldable smartphone to the market.

The Samsung foldable smartphone; often dubbed the Galaxy X has some new details to add. A new report from Korea which has some interesting details about the form factor and launch timeline. It is reported that Samsung said to have showcased an in-folding prototype of the foldable smartphone to the industry partners at a secret meeting during the CES 2018 earlier this year.

The prototype said to pack three OLED panels of 3.5 inches each, two of them when combined creates a 7-inches screen when the smartphone is unfolded, while the third panel was placed on the outside of the in-folding prototype as an information ticker. When unfolded, the phone is said to follow the footprints of the Galaxy Note 8. Furthermore, the design of the Galaxy X is not finalized just yet.

Samsung is said to be exploring both in-folding and out-folding designs, and the final decision on design will be taken in June this year. As previously reported, the Galaxy S10 won’t have any bendable magic and will retain the S8, S9 infinity display. In terms of availability, the Samsung’s foldable phone said to be available early next year and will see a limited release to test market reactions and gather customer feedback.

The company is holding back until it is sure that it can provide a proper user experience. Since none of these reports are official, we advise you take the news with a pinch of salt.