Facebook revamps privacy and security settings following criticism

Facebook has been in the news over the past week or so for all the wrong reasons. The company has officially come out and announced its roadmap in cracking down the platform abuse and user data security. Today the company is back at it and mentioned that it is revamping its privacy and security settings.

Privacy Shortcuts

With the new changes, Facebook is giving users more control of their privacy. It has redesigned the entire settings menu on mobile devices from top to bottom to make things easier to find. The settings instead of spreading across in 20 different screens are now clubbed under a single roof. The company has also modified outdated settings to make it on what information can and can’t be shared with apps.

The new Privacy Shortcuts menu lets you control your data in just a few taps, and it also includes a clearer explanation of how these controls work.  You can manage the information that Facebook uses to display ads. Ad preferences explain how ads work and the options you have. Other options include two-factor authentication, review the posts you have shared, manage who sees your posts, profile, etc.

Facebook Privacy Shortcuts

It is also introducing a new ‘Access Your Information’ section, and it is a way for users to securely access and manage information, such as posts, reactions, comments, and things you’ve searched for. You can go here to delete anything from your timeline or profile that you no longer want on Facebook. The company is also making it easier to download all the user data.

Facebook in the coming days said that it would be proposing updates to Facebook’s terms of service that include our commitments to people. It also said that it would update data policy to understand better the data it will collect and how it uses.