Android Wear could be renamed to Wear OS


Google’s wearable OS aka Android Wear could possibly be renamed to Wear OS in the coming days. According to a Reddit post by user H3x0n, during the setup of an Android Wear watch, the user was greeted with a new icon and Wear OS name for the operating system.

Google Wear OS

The new icon ‘W’ has Google’s trademark color scheme which looks very similar to the Android Assistant logo and the logo of Warner Bros. The latter might be coincidental. However, the W stands for Wear OS and not to be confused with Apple’s watchOS. Google recently re-branded its Google Pay to Android Pay. It could be possible that Google might officially announce the re-branding at the I/O 2018 event.

Since this is just a screenshot posted by the Reddit user, we don’t really have any other details about any feature changes or additions that might be lying beneath just yet. We will have to wait for Google to make it official.

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