Google Assistant gets the ability to set music alarms, can now look up TV schedules

google assistant

Google Assistant picks up few new features that include the ability to set music alarms, look up TV schedules and more. To set up music alarms, you need to store the songs that you wanted on your Google home or other assistant-enabled speakers. 

To set up a music alarm, all you have to do is say “Hey Google, set an alarm for 6 AM with ‘the music/musician you wish’ to the Assistant on Google Home or your other Assistant-enabled speakers. Once it is done, you now can wake up to your favorite song, playlist or radio station.

Another addition is the ability to help you learn about actors or play a TV show, and also, it can now help you keep up with the TV shows that you are following. To take advantage of this ability, all you have to do is Just say “Hey Google, what channel airs ‘The Flash’ or “Hey Google, when does ‘The Flash’ air next. You can even set reminders, so you never miss a show.

Google says that it has worked closely with Netflix to make your Netflix casting experience more personal. Firstly, you need to link your Netflix account in the Google Home app or via the Google Assistant on your phone. Once the setup is done, you can use voice commands to play content on Netflix. Furthermore, you can also play all the music that you’ve purchased or uploaded to your Google Play music library. These updates are already rolling out, but it is only accessible in limited regions.