Samsung Galaxy Note 8 reportedly dying once battery drains completely

Not on the levels of Note7 but the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 seems to have started facing problems of its own as reports started coming in claiming that the device is not turning on or charging once the battery hits zero. Quite a few Note 8 users have taken this to the Samsung community and forums complaining about the device’s refusal to turn back on or charge after draining out completely. 

That’s not the worst thing to happen, Samsung is said to have been replacing the dead Note 8 units with refurbished devices despite the 1-year warranty. Most of the reports are coming from US carriers, so it is likely that Snapdragon units are the most affected by this issue. For now, though, the problem doesn’t seem to be widespread, but it will be interesting to see how far this would go and how Samsung handles the issue.

It is unclear if the issue is software or hardware based, while some users report that they are able to see battery circle when connected to a power source, but it refuses to charge, some claim that the device becomes warm when connected to power source and it just shows a blank screen. For now, the only way out is to charge the device before it hits zero and in case if it dies, the only fix is to contact Samsung customer care.

There’s no way to tell if this is software related or hardware related, either way, there is no fix from users end at this very moment. On the other hand, there are also a small set of reports claiming that the Galaxy S8+ also seems to have been facing similar issues, though there is no authenticity in this reports for now. We’ll let you know, once we have more on this as we will be following the issue closely.

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