Honor 7X Camera Features

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The Chinese handset maker Honor is outstanding when it comes to manufacturing smartphones that look and acts like a flagship device. The company has applied a similar strategy once again and launched a device with invigorating design keeping up with the latest trends. The Honor 7X  that that was launched recently is aimed at photography enthusiasts who love to utilize the advanced features in the camera and to express their creativity.

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The Honor 7X comes with a dual camera setup on the rear equipped with a primary 16MP camera and secondary 2MP camera with LED flash. On the front, it has an 8MP camera for some good quality selfies. Talking about the functionality of the secondary camera, it comes to life when users turn on the Portrait mode to achieve bokeh images. In fact, it identifies the edges of the subject in focus and blurs out everything else.

The UI of the camera app is simple, minimal and easy to understand if observed for two straight minutes. The top panel in the UI consists of toggle for flash, wide aperture mode, portrait mode, moving picture mode and camera option. The bottom panel has a mini gallery, shutter button, and a switch to video mode as well. Swipe it to the left to see the settings list, while swipe it to the right to access different camera modes.

The Honor 7X comes with advanced camera features including Pro photos, HDR, Night Shots, Panorama, Light Painting, Time Lapse, Slow-Mo, Filters, Effect, Audio Note and more. With the manual mode (Pro photos) users are allowed to tweak the metering, shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation, focus and white balance.

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The Night shots come handy when you are in need of better night time shots, but it requires a tripod in this case. Another noteworthy feature is the Light Painting, where it captures light trails created by various sources including stars, moving bikes and cars, composed with a long exposure. Having said that, users need to either have a steady hand or a tripod to get the shot in a way you imagine.

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One of the major features in the Honor 7X is none other than the Portrait mode. In order to enable the portrait mode, you need to turn on the toggle on the top panel. In this mode, users can refocus pictures after capturing. The Wide Aperture mode, on the other hand, can be used to for close-up shots of objects and people.

Furthermore, you can also adjust the focal point after taking a photo to blur the background. At last, comes to the moving picture mode, which allows you to take pictures with motions that kind of acts a GIF.

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If you want to make your photos funnier, you have lots of effects to choose from to add extra personality to it. These effects can be fun to play around and adds the plain looking shot with comical yet artistic looks. Similarly, you can add a touch of personality and custom flair to your photos.

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In fact, the most interesting thing is that the 8MP selfie shooter also captures the same depth effect, despite having one lens. It’s worth mentioning here that the processing is too good and blurs anything outside of the subject’s area.

Overall, Kudos to Honor for pulling off some amazing camera inside a reasonable price phones that take shots worth sharing in our social media accounts. Somethings are worth experiencing in our life, just like Honor 7X camera with advanced mode.