HTC HD7 full specs sheet leaked, headed to T-Mobile USA

Yesterday was a great day for all the people who are waiting for HTC HD7/HD3, which is a Windows Phone 7-powered phone, and is rumored to be coming out next month. Yesterday, we saw a sketch, a little detail on specs, and some images of the HD7, and today we have something everyone is actually looking for. Our friends over at WMPUser got their hands on a full specification list of the HTC HD7. As we know that the HD7 is a successor to HD2, which is currently available on T-Mobile USA, and according to the spec sheet, the HD7 features AWS bands, which means its going to T-Mobile USA. A few days ago, we also saw that the HD7 was mentioned in a T-Mobile document, so may be its true that we will see the device on T-Mobile USA. Well, it will be clear soon. Have a look on the specs sheet after the break: