SanDisk Industrial microSD, SD and Automotive SD cards announced, can withstand extreme temperatures

SanDisk Industrial microSD and SD cards

Western Digital has introduced their new SanDisk SD and microSD cards line-up for the Automotive and specialized industrial applications. The company claims that these cards work in extreme and radical situations as they come with health status monitor capability, special data retention mechanisms. They are faster than their predecessors thus enabling them to handle tasks like surveying commercial drones and automobile dash cameras.

The new SanDisk line-up includes four new models which differ in very features. The Automotive SD card line-up is aimed at cars, drones, other vehicles and they come in capacitive ranging from 8GB to 64GB, and they are AEC-Q100 Grade 3 compliant. These cards can function in prolonged time even in extreme temperatures between -40ºC and 85ºC.

The Industrial comes in SD and microSD card variants with capacities of 8GB to 64GB for SD and microSD from 8GB to 128GB. These can also withhold mildly extreme temperatures ranging from -25ºC to 85ºC. Talking about the performance, these can read files at 80 MB/s and write at 50 MB/s which is a significant 20 MB/s improvement over the previous generation.

SanDisk Automotive and Industrial SD cards

SanDisk is also giving an option for those industrial elements that function beyond -40 ºC in the form of Industrial XI SD card. The Power Protection feature will help in preventing data corruption if power is lost or unsteady when data is being written. These also come with Read Refresh feature which helps to keep the data fresh and accurate when needs to be accessed and it can even function in circumstances where data is not being accessed for a long time. The Read Disturbance feature protects against read-intense cells.

The Host lock feature allows users to set up passwords to prevent any data leakage. The company says that the SanDisk Industrial and Automotive SD and microSD cards are now sampling to OEMs across the globe, but it didn’t close when they are put to use in products.  Samples of the cards will be available from October.

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