Motorola Android tablet coming out in early 2011

We know that Motorola is going to launch an Android powered tablet via Verizon in USA. According to the leaked Verizon roadmap, the tablet will be out in early 2011, and yes it’s true because Motorola’s Sanjay Jha is saying that the tablet will come out in early 2011. May be Motorola is waiting for Android 2.1 a.k.a Gingerbread, or they are waiting for Verizon to activate LTE in most parts of the country because may be the tablet will be LTE capable. “I will only develop a tablet if it is sufficiently compelling. Hopefully, that is early next year,” Jha said during Deutsche Bank Technology Conference. So folks may be next year we’ll see an awesome Android tablet from Motorola side, what do you think?

via Phandroid