ARM Mali-G51 GPU, Mali-V61 VPU for immersive mobile VR and 4K on mid-range devices announced


ARM has announced Mali-G51 graphics processing unit (GPU), which is the company’s most area-efficient and energy-efficient GPU to date, and the Mali-V61 video processing unit (VPU) that promises stunning, real-time 4K120 video performance with impressive efficiency and scalability.

Mali-G51 is also ARM’s smallest and most efficient Vulkan-enabled GPU for screen resolutions up to 4K. It promises up to 60% more performance per mm2 and is up to 60% more energy-efficient than Mali-T830 GPU.

“Both the Mali-V61 VPU and the Mali-G51 GPU are designed to seamlessly interact as part of the wider Mali Multimedia Suite and ARM Cortex-A processors,” said the company.


Highlights of ARM Mali-G51 GPU

  • Built on new Bifrost architectur
  • Up to 60% more energy efficiency and 60% more performance density than Mali-T830
  • 30% smaller, the smallest Mali GPU capable of powering 1080p to 4K smartphones
  • Designed to support exciting premium use cases like virtual spaces and augmented reality
  • ARM Frame Buffer Compression (AFBC) 1.2. optimizations include improved GPU performance in bandwidth limited scenarios as well as improved display processor performance for rotation use cases.
  • New dual-pixel shader core implemented to double texel and pixel rates and can be used asymmetrically with a uni-pixel shader core in order to access even further configurability and versatility.


Highlights of ARM Mali-V64 VPU

  • Flexible encode & decode of multiple streams
  • High quality HEVC encode and VP9 encode/decode
  • Scalable across all levels of mobile and home multimedia solutions
  • Provides the simplest and easiest way to support VP9-ready, 4K media, whilst maintaining ARM’s low power, low latency and small area heritage

The ARM Mali-V61 and Mali-G51 are available to license now. Mali-G51 GPU is expected to be seen in mobile devices in 2018.

Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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