WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS gets a new font

WhatsApp FixedSys font for Android and iOS

WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS has received a new font in latest update. The popular instant messaging app is getting a new font that is dubbed as FixedSys.

The FixedSys is coming to WhatsApp beta v 2.16.179. In order to use this font, you will have to use ” ` ” before and after the text. The ` symbol has to be used three times before and after the text to get the font. This font will make the text appear expanded and the letters will have a space between them.

WhatsApp does offer other formatting options on its platform like bold, italics and striking a text. In order to try these changes, you can sign up for WhatsApp Beta program.

Srivatsan contributed to this post.

Author: Sneha Bokil

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