Revision3 brings HTML5 Video to the iPad

Revision3 is an online TV channel which hosts shows such as Diggnation , ROFL and Tekzilla. They were using a Flash based Video player till now which meant that none of their videos would play on the Apple iPad. Now the company announced that they are using HTML5 in the iPad version which means all those shows should play totally fine on your iPad .  Apple has made it clear it will never allow Flash on it’s Mobile Products

As you can see in the screenshot above , the video played fine on the iPad. Interestingly the website is still using Flash based Video player in the Dekstop version and it gracefully switches to HTML5 on the iPad.  You can actually watch the Video within Safari and even switch to FullScreen. Even Youtube  works in a similar manner on the iPad.

With many developers offering HTML5 versions of their service, Will HTML5 replace Flash ?

Author: Team FoneArena

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