S60 OS – A Closer Look

Well over my blogging for the past six months i have noticed that people hardly know what operating system is running on their cell phones. They do know that computers run on windows or mac or linux for a handful but they are completely unaware of what their mobile is running on.That was the whole point of my starting the blog. I’m sure all know what Nseries and Eseries are but S60 is what lies in the background. So here is a quick look at what S60 OS is all about. S60, the world’s most popular software for smartphones, lets you add new applications to your mobile device and keeps you connected to your favorite internet services in much the same way you do with your PC.


Add-on applications

You can use your S60 phone for a whole lot more than just calling. You can turn it into a dictionary, navigator, city guide, news reader, and more! Quality applications are available for download from several websites , or you can just click Download! on your compatible Nokia phone to find, try, and buy these applications over-the-air.

Stay connected

S60 keeps you connected to online communities, such as Flickr, VOX, and others. Take a photo and then instantly share it with friends and family in your favorite community. With S60 smartphones, you can also stay connected with popular instant messaging services on the go. These applications may be built-in to your phone, or you can download them easily.

Web browsing

Search the information you need on the move. Webpages look just like they do on your computer – only smaller. Features such as page overview, visual history, audio support, and text search make your browsing experience fast and easy.

Multitasking / “Toggle between applications”

With an S60 smartphone you can work on more than one application at the same time. For example, you can work efficiently and save valuable time by checking a website and using your calendar during a phone call.

S60 Editions

You may have noticed that your phone is classified as an S60 2nd Edition or 3rd Edition phone. These refer to different versions of the S60 software, just as any popular computer software gets updated and released with a new name.

The newest version is S60 3rd Edition, which includes an improved look and feel, more features for multimedia and business applications, and better security.

Author: Team FoneArena

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