Bing v6.0 for iOS brings a new homepage and one tap feature


Microsoft has just released v6.0 of Bing for iOS, and it brings around a new homepage layout as well as a one tap search features.


The new homepage layout looks very minimalistic yet contemporary. It has been designed to provide you with much faster and more relevant search results. Users can see restaurants, movies, images, videos, maps, deals and attractions near them just through one single tap.

Search is much faster too as it provides more than just links to webpages but rather provides with you answers directly. It will also include links to apps and familiar sources at the top to make access much faster.

Bookmarks, search history, Bing Rewards etc are still there under the menu. Finally, Bing also works offline now so that you can access your bookmarks and search history without internet connectivity. The updated app is already available on the App Store for download.

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

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